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    1. (原武漢理工大學華夏學院)
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      • At 3 pm on December 15th, Wu Daihui, director of the Education Affairs Office in Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and Yi Jun, general manager o...

      • At 12 oclock on November 12, the first sports culture festival in our university, also the football exhibition match kicked off. This festiv...

      • On November 12, the deputy secretary of Zaoyang Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Zaoyang City, Mr Kong Lingbo came to our university w...

      • From October 9 to 14, the 10th National Metallographic Skills Competition for College Students (namely NMSCCS ), sponsored by the Teaching S...

      • Thank you very much for the help from Wuhan Huaxia University of Technology. You send us epidemic prevention materials at the period of epid...

      • Three-dimensional modeling is used to reproduce the construction of Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital. A set of scene design abo...

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